Another shot from this beautiful alpine lake. via FlavioMarini http://500px.com/photo/88101161

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The Ice Puzzle

Click on the image for better viewing. Happy shootings!! via akcharly http://500px.com/photo/88149455

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Brave mountaineer

A small but brave dachshund is enjoying the last sun rays high in Slovenian Alps. Had to re-upload this shot due to poor quality - to much compression on jpeg. This one should be sharp... via lesenko http://500px.com/photo/88107479

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The Haunted Wood

Wistman's Wood on Dartmoor is an ancient oak wood steeped in legend. It's said to be haunted and that it is a sacred Druid's grove where Pagan rituals were held. Other stories tell of huge black dogs with red eyes, yellow teeth and a hunger for human flesh and souls and that the moss coloured boulders are home to large numbers of adders which have an especially venomous bite. While I didn't witness any of those, I am certainly guilty of letting my imagination run away with itself and get a bit jumpy when the rain dripped down my neck from the branches! via AndyFarrer http://500px.com/photo/88147333

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